Reflections in Eliza's Art

This collection invites you to step in closer and look deeper. As your eye wanders you will discover more and more interplay of details hidden in the many reflective surfaces.

The initial impression when looking at this painting, "Still Life with Monstera", is of some strong colour and patterns. The apple and the mirror it is sitting on emerge quickly thereafter. But look a moment longer and the eye begins to wander across the canvas revealing a silver teapot and a tall vase topped with monstera leaves.

Another moment, and a scene present in the background only visible in its reflection takes shape. Here we see some grapes, a teacup and a silver milk jug with an angular handle.

Looking closer at the apple in the foreground, we can see that it's also present reflected and distorted in the silver teapot.

We see the apple yet again in its reflection from below in the mirror. That mirror also provides another glimpse of the vase, as well as the frame of the mirror in the background.

Looking even further we can discover the reflection of the reflection of the apple as it moves between the base of the teapot and the lower mirror.

Likewise, behind the teapot we see the reflections from the back of the teapot in the reflection of the teapot in the mirror at back, this time distorted to an abstract vertical pattern.

The top of the teapot provides a unique view. Here we see the surroundings of Eliza's studio. On the left, a wall lined with paintings, the a bay window in the centre, and on the right, the blue reflection of the cabinet she sometimes uses as an easel. We also see the monstera leaves here again, both in the lid and on the lid's handle.

On the reflected lid in the mirror behind, we again see the monstera leaves, here more distorted, and the blue cabinet again.

If we look for the zigzag pattern on the right, we see that it makes more apperances. In the side of the kettle and in the mirror at the back, and as a flash of color in the kettle's long curved handle.

Looking again at the scene in the back, did you notice that those objects are also resting on a mirror which reflects them and the blue sky outdoors?

If we make one final stop to look at the red and white striped fabric piled up in the background, we see that it also makes a few appearences. In the spout of the kettle, at the leftmost edge of the body of the kettle, in the reflection of the kettle and distorted by the water of the vase.

I hope you found this guided tour of just one of Eliza's paintings interesting. If you did I think you'll really enjoy looking through the collection finding the hidden beauty and intricate details present in each one of the paintings.

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